Google Analytics Live Chat Integration

With our Google Analytics Live Chat integration, you can collect live chat data right in your Google Analytics Account.  We track custom Events that you can find under the Behaviors and Events Overview and also under Realtime Events reports.

We track Custom Event Data including Live Chats requests, Offline Chat messages, and Missed Live Chat messages.  You can drill down and also view which agents are answering chats.

Google Analytics Live Chat Integration Set Up

Configuring your live chat settings to track Google Analytics Custom events is easy.  From either our Microsoft Teams Live Chat application, just navigation to your Live Chat Settings in the Teams left side bar.  Then select Edit Chat widget and navigate to the CSS & Javascript Section.  Here you can enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID.  Once you save your settings, we'll track custom events for you using a server side event push to analytics.

For our Slack and Web Dashboard customers, simply login to your account, select your Chat Widget and navigate to your CSS & Javascript Tab.  Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID in the field below and click save.