Live Chat Definitions

What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is an online communications app that lets you speak with your website visitors in real-time.  Our solution allows you to respond to customer requests from Microsoft Teams, Slack, or a web dashboard so you never miss a custom question or inbound sales lead.

Live Chat Terminology

We've put together a list of terminology we use in our live chat status reports so that you can understand what each type of chat status means.

Live Chat Answered: This means that the live chat was answered by a live chat agent and the customer and agent actively chatted

Offline: This chat status means that a live chat message was left in the offline chat form and sent to the chat history and to the chat transcript email addresses

Missed - Visitor Timeout:  This chat status means that the website visitor requested a live chat and waited until the chat timeout period has expired.  At this point, the visitor would see the configured Missed Chat Message.

Missed - Abandoned:  The Missed - Abandoned chat status means that we a website visitor started a live chat request, then before the timeout period expired, navigated away from the live chat page or closed the browser window.

Missed - Visitor Closed:  The Visitor Closed chat status means that the website visitor requested a live chat but then clicked the X button to close the chat before any agent answered.