How to Transfer a Live Chat in Teams

With our Live Chat for Microsoft Teams application, you can easily transfer your active chats to other team members.  So if you need to escalate a live chat session from one team member to another or handoff chats between agents, you can easily do it within Teams.  We'll show you how live agent transfers work in this article.  

Step 1.  You Answer a Chat but need to transfer to another agent.

First, let's assume that you have answered an incoming chat with your website visitor that looks similar to the following.  Now you have a visitor question that you can't answer.

So, you can just let them know you're transferring their chat to another agent.

Step 2.  Mention the Agent you'd like to transfer to in the Teams Conversation

Simply go to the live chat conversation in the Posts tab in teams that includes the inbound chat, and mention your Team member through teams.  In our example, we mention our agent with the handle @JCB and ask them to help out.

By doing this, teams will notify your team member in Teams with an Activity Notification and a Mention notification.  You can see below both in the account of the other Teams member.  They can click on either the Activity or the Mention to go directly to the appropriate conversation.

Step 3.  Your Transfer agent can respond to the chat

Now that your team member has been notified, they can simply click on the 'Open Chat' button in the conversation to get directed to the active chat.  They can simply respond in the live chat console to take over the chat.

The visitor will see that the other agent has picked up the chat and they are not chatting with the agent to whom the chat was transferred.  In this case we haven't yet uploaded an agent photo, but you can see that the new agent information is displayed on the chat below.

You've now transferred the chat to another agent!  

One note to keep in mind - since each Team in Microsoft Teams has a different membership, make sure any agents that you may want to transfer to are also a member of the Team where the chat is happening.