Finding Your Microsoft Teams Tenant ID - Get Link to Team

Sometimes it is helpful to have your Microsoft Teams Tenant ID when debugging issues with your Live Chat service.  We can use this tenant id to look up your account, so we'll show you how to gather this information from Microsoft Teams.

First, within Microsoft Teams, select the Teams icon in the left navigation.  Then choose a Team and select the 3 horizontal dots next to the team name.  Once you click the icon, you'll see a popup with an option to Get link to team.  Choose this option.

Tenant Id - Get Link to Microsoft Teams

Once you select 'Get link to team', select the Copy button.  You can paste this link to any text editor.  Included in the URL

Teams tenant id

Once you have the link to your team, it will look similar to this:

As you can see it includes a tenantId parameter.  This is your Microsoft Teams tenant id.  

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