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Live Chat Features to Run your Business

Whatever your business objectives are, Social Intents has all of the Live Chat features that you need to become more successful.  Whether you're looking to increase sales, improve customer service, or build leads, we're here to help.

We have a plethora of articles here on our Knowledge Base to get you started, and to make sure Social Intents is the perfect fit for you and your business, we offer a free two-week trial on every new account.

Chat From Your Preferred Communications Platform

Your organization already uses communications tools internally.  Why waste time learning yet another chat tool to communicate with your customers?  That's why we've build our platform to let you chat from either Microsoft Teams or Slack directly, so you can keep using the tools that you already know and love.

  • Chat with Customers right from Microsoft Teams
  • Chat with Customers right from Slack
  • Optionally chat from a web-based dashboard
  • Unlimited agent support on all plans - we grow when you grow.

Customize Your Chat Widget

Our chat widget is completely customizable. Make your chat truly unique by adding in the logos, colors, and styles that fit your needs and make your widget instantly recognizable.

  • Add your logo to the chat
  • Change the colors and styles of the widget
  • Change the location of the chat button icon
  • Change the location and size of your chat widget
  • Customize every customer-facing text to match your language

Customize Your Pre-Sales Form

With our Live Chat, you get to choose what information you want to collect whenever a Live Chat starts. Want to know something particular about your customer? What they need assistance with, or if they’re interested in using your business? Ask your visitors specific questions to receive the information that is important to you, and conveniently view this information on all new chat requests and transcripts.

  • Enable or disable collection of Name, Email and Phone number
  • Add custom fields to your form like Account Number, Member ID, or Order Number
  • Pre-populate your pre-sales information using our SDK.
  • Send any Key/Value information with our SDK on new chat requests
  • View form responses in Slack, Microsoft Teams, and our Live Chat Web Console

Chat Advanced Features

  • File sharing
  • Typing indicator
  • Rich messages
  • Chat transcripts
  • Chat notifications
  • Canned messages and shortcuts
  • Chat routing
  • Department based

Integrate with your Frontend and Backend Systems

We know your chat transcripts and leads are important to your business.  That's why we've integrated with Zapier to allow you to send your chat transcripts to almost any external system:send leads to your CRM, ticketing systems, or mailing list provider.  Our integrations include Hubspot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and many others.

Chatbots with Dialogflow Integration

If you're looking for AI Chatbot features and a natural language process, we’ve got you covered.  Our Dialogflow integration lets you create chatbots when and how you need them.  Create your own standalone chatbots to make your life easier and your business run smoother. Have your bot pick up when you are offline or when you miss a chat, or have a chatbot answer in conjunction with your human agents.

  • Standalone chatbot support with rich responses from Dialogflow
  • Chatbots that can escalate to humans
  • Chatbots that answer when you're offline
  • Chatbots that answer when you miss a chat
  • Support for rich responses like those from Slack, Telegram, and Google Assistant

Chat Management Features

We also have reporting, analytics integrations, shortcuts, and a dashboard that makes running your Live Chat easier.

  • Chat history reports with export capability
  • Chat escalation and monitoring of ongoing chats
  • Agent feedback/survey responses when chats close
  • Chat dashboards
  • Google Analytics integration with custom events
  • Support for multiple languages

These are just some of the features that we support.  

To experience all of our features, we suggest that you sign up for our free 2-week trial today!